Nick Ringger-Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Bendickson-Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Ringger-Directory of Inventory

Ray Curtiss- Director of Product Procurement

Ryan Traynor- Director of Store Operations



Steve Lied- Employment Services Director



Board of Directors


John Lesko- Chairman
Retired Executive


Bruce Fisco-Board Secretary
Retired Executive


Barry Keller-Director
Business Executive


Kent Loehrke-Director
Retired Executive


Robert Mallof-Director
Business Executive


Neal Meitler-Director
Business Executive


Mike Murphy-Director
Foundation Director


Kurt Owens-Director


Conor Williams-Director
Business Executive


Robert Wulf-Director
Business Executive

Emile Banks - Director


Nancy Hodges-Director

Business Owner

Tony Higgins-Director

Health Department-City of Milwaukee

Michael Dix-Director

Police Officer 

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