Prisoner Re-entry

 Develop Faith, Nurture Hope,

Model Love…

in life and work

Partners in Hope (PIH) is a PRISONER REENTRY PROGRAM based off a very successful reentry program out of Las Vegas called Hope for Prisoners .   Partners in Hope is a division of Community Warehouse (CW), a non-profit building supply store which employs the background challenged from the city of Milwaukee.  CW seeks life transformation through the dignity of work based on Biblical principles. 


PARTNERS IN HOPE is a voluntary, faith-based, 18-month, collaborative effort between volunteers from the law enforcement, faith, and business communities to build mentoring relationships with participants that instill positive life skills and values for sustainable employment to be achieved. 


PIH seeks to develop faith, nurture hope, and model love in life and work by providing accountability, employment, and resources necessary for their success.


Because PIH is a voluntary, faith-based program.  Each potential participant is informed at the beginning of the spiritual emphasis of the program.  Principles such as grace, hope, honesty, integrity, respect, loving your neighbor, serving one another, caring for those in need, and the dignity of work are core to the program.


After 18 months, the goal is to see the previously incarcerated living the life they only dreamed of by maintaining sustainable employment, increasing their skills, retaining reliable transportation, living free of addictions, living in stable housing, maturing in their faith, living a healthy lifestyle, experiencing positive family relationships, maturing in interpersonal skills, and contributing back to their community. 


Partners in Hope

Nick Ringger