Our Mission and Values


Community Warehouse strives to honor God and serves individuals in the City of Milwaukee by emphasizing; life transformation, the dignity of work, biblical principles, authentic relationships, while preparing individuals for permanent employment in the community. Community Warehouse also serves the people of Milwaukee through tangible and practical efforts to rebuild neighborhoods and housing.


  • We look to the Bible as our key for guidance and inspiration.

  • We are committed to maintaining the unity of the Spirit in all activities.

  • We treat work as honoring to God and necessary for individual self-esteem. 

  • We provide opportunities that can change the whole person with emphasis on life transformation.

  • We encourage the development of authentic long-term relationships with God and other people.


We are Motivated… 
Community Warehouse is motivated by the love Jesus Christ has for the people of Milwaukee. As followers of Christ, we love because He loves and we serve because He serves.  We extend His grace and truth to others because He has extended it to us.  We endeavor to “offer hope and change lives one household at a time” by offering both material and spiritual resources to those in need.  We believe Jesus calls and enables us to love in practical ways by meeting material needs.  We also believe that the answer to the deepest need of every human heart is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ and that He offers this relationship to all who place their faith in Him.  As a result, we are compelled to share and serve in ways that invite those in Milwaukee to encounter the love Jesus has for them.


We Exist... Community Warehouse exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by serving the neighborhoods and non-profits of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are a non-profit, faith-based organization set up to provide people in the Milwaukee community with home and facility improvement materials.  We partner with foundations, individuals, builders, and manufacturers to provide the resources that are needed for rebuilding Greater Milwaukee’s under-resourced communities and as a result, significantly improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.